All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day

Remembering our loved ones.

November 1st each year is a public holiday in Slovenia, known as Remembrance Day or Dan spomina na mrtve. Traditionally, candles are placed on the graves of loved ones the evening before All Saints’ Eve.

All Souls’ Day is on November 2nd of every year and also commemorates those who have passed.

This Sunday, please join us at the Club for prayers for our loved ones that have passed. The evening begins at 5pm with prayers led by Father Simon Peter from the Slovenian Catholic Church Kew. A light afternoon tea will also be served and the bar will be open.

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Interesting fact: On October 31, Slovenians have an additional public holiday (since 1992) for Reformation Day. This marks the day in 1517 when German Priest Martin Luther delivered the “Ninety-Five Theses” by nailing them on the door of the Castle Church in Germany, beginning the Protestant Reformation. This day is celebrated in Slovenia to remember the religious, political and cultural movements of the 16th century, when the first book was written in the Slovenian language.