Bar Staff Opportunity

Employment Opportunity

The Slovenian club Melbourne is looking for people that are interested in working behind the bar for an occasional Slovenian function during the year.

No experience is necessary however, being friendly, organised and having some money management skills would be helpful.

If you are interested, you would be required to complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate. This is a certificate which you can complete online. The cost of this certificate will be covered by the club.

After you have completed your certificate, you will receive training in all the tasks involved in working behind the bar. These will include, handling money, serving customers, managing glassware and re-stocking the bar.

This may be of interest to those exploring a career in hospitality or wanting to gain some experience in the area of hospitality to help with any further work or job opportunities.

In addition, being involved with the Slovenian club Melbourne means you would get to hear the Slovenian language (or practice it), meet other people of Slovenian heritage, experience the culture and most importantly share your skills with the Slovenian community just as your Slovenian parents or grandparents would have.

This is available to anyone over 18 years, but may best suit a student.

If this sounds like it could be of interest to you, please email the following address In your email please provide your name, age and why you would be interested in this work.